Placing your order

Please read our page carefully before place your order.

- Dolls for sale are not included with make up, wig, clothes and shoes.

- Make up for dolls need to order extra. Custom make up will charge different according to the exactly ones.

- Eye's colour can choose from blue, black or brown.

-IMPORTANT!! Tan or any dark skin colour must be selected considerable.

- Seam lines, small air bubbles, uneven coloring, and rough surfaces on dolls in tan or any dark

skin cannot be avoided due to the special making processing.

- Modification of tan skin is not recommended. Please place your orders only if you understand

well with the special characteristics of dolls in tan or any dark skin colour and with the problems

listed above may happen.

Step 1: Placing your order

- Select items you wish to order

- Click [Add to Cart] to place items in the Shopping Cart

- Enter your shipping information correctly, select [Foreign country] and remark your country and

specific address in [Steet Address]. Remark your requirements and your Email&Skype in

[Message to the seller].

- Select Paypal on the pay method form

Step 2: Making Payment

- Proceed with making payment using Paypal once the order form is completed.

- If you cannot make payment immediate, you can send your payment to Chinabjd Paypal address

[ ]with your order requirement.

- Please contact with us if you have sent your payment by Paypal seperately.

Step 3: Processing time

- It will take about 10 working days for the  processing time.

- If you have order more than one item, the longer processing time should be referred to.

- Photos of your order will be sent to your email before shipping.

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